What Blender Does Gordon Ramsay Use

Amongst the major kitchen essentials that Gordon Ramsay uses is his blender, and in this post, we will be finding out the blender he uses.

What Blender Does Gordon Ramsay Use

Gordon Ramsay uses the Bamix Hand Blender, known for its powerful blending operation, great design, modifications, and versatility.

When the blender was shown to Gordon Ramsay in 1991, he immediately fell in love with the blender and lent his name to the blender which eventually resulted to the blender called the Gordon Ramsay Blender.

We took our time to study this piece of appliance used by the top-rated Michelin magnet restaurateur, Gordon Ramsay, and we discovered that this hand blender could be the key to many household kitchen problems.

We’ll tell you why;

Key features of the Bamix Hand blender

Take a quick peek of the key features of the Bamix Hand Blender.

  • Motor Speed of 18000rpm for powerful blending
  • Serrated Blade Trio for smooth operation
  • Blender Stand for easy storage
  • Exquisite Design and Colour
  • Recipe book and Illustrative DVD for easy use and understanding
  • 8-10years Warranty

Designed like a tank, the Gordon Ramsay Bamix hand blender is a utensil every kitchen should have!

You can do practically everything in the kitchen with a great stick blender, from slicing, grinding, mincing, and liquidizing to blending, whisking, and pureeing your food to suit your needs. It’s a high-quality commodity, but it can be a little on the pricey side.

That being said, procuring this hand blender guarantees that you will be getting a professionally recommended tool since Gordon Ramsay himself has endorsed it.

The blender has been used for years by Gordon Ramsay in his professional role as a chef. He uses this blender even at home when he wants to. Guy Savoy introduced him to the blender back in 1991, so he was so impressed that he gave it his name.

Detailed review of the known features are;

Motor Speed of 18000rpm for powerful blending

Making it one of the most powerful hand blenders on the market. It also has a silencing feature, which causes it not to make noise while using.

Serrated Blade Trio for smooth operation

Three different blades come with the blender, and you are guaranteed to have something for any use you can think of in the kitchen, along with the dry grinder.

The blades are all conveniently clipped onto the blender to make the operation smooth and simple.

Blender Stand for easy storage

The Gordon Ramsay hand blender comes with a stand so that after you are done with it, you can put your blender away lovely and tidy. It’s so small and light, you might place it in a cupboard on the stand.

Exquisite Design and Colour

The elegant design and the blender’s rounded features, plus the color of titanium, differentiate this hand blender from all the other blenders on the market.

It is an elegant utensil and, even when not in use, looks fantastic in the kitchen.

Recipe book and Illustrative DVD for easy use and understanding

The recipe book and DVD that comes with the hand blender when you shop is one of the items that set this blender apart from all the others.

In several cooking scenarios, the DVD shows Gordon Ramsay explaining how to use the hand blender. Some excellent recipes you can try out for yourself are included in the recipe book.

8-10years Warranty

Being Swiss made, you are confident of the consistency and quality of work of the blender, combined with a ten-year guarantee that you can be sure that you will be able to fix it in no time if anything happens to your hand blender.

Although full-size blenders can not be fully substituted, hand blenders such as the Bamix (also called stick or immersion blenders) are useful for pureeing soups or frothing milk in the pot.

The best evaluation of hand blenders make comparisons by whipping cream soups, blending tomatoes for marinara sauce, or blending smoothies.

Over the years, stick blenders have come a long way. There are now many stick blender variations and characteristics on the market, making it very difficult as to which one to buy.

We could say that they are almost precious in the kitchen. They’re a handy kitchen tool. A leading sample of those groups is the Bamix Hand Blender from Switzerland.

Why is the Bamix Hand Blender suitable for you

What Blender Does Gordon Ramsay Use

The Bamix Hand Blender Changes the way you cook

A world of culinary choices opens up with the Bamix Hand Blender. Our flagship hand blender, designed by professionals for professionals, is NSF valued and constructed to withstand the adversities of a commercial kitchen.

The bamix draws food into the blades due to the unique ‘open head’ arrangement around the blades and generates a vortex when mixing. It blends more thoroughly and reliably in less time than other immersion blenders.

Plus, bamix features an interchangeable blade device, so it is just the precursor to making smooth sauces and soups.

Agitate the egg whites, quickly make frosting with the whisk blade, or use the beater blade in just seconds to emulsify a smooth mayonnaise.

This versatility and strength are why the Bamix has been used extensively by chefs worldwide in their kitchens for decades.

The Bamix Hand Blender is Precise and Powerful

This hand blender is propelled by a custom, nearly 200-watt Swiss-made motor. With about 18,000 RPMs of rotational speed, the engine provides unsurpassed power and torque directly to the blade.

The Gastro Pro-2 can mix over 5 gallons of liquid at once combined with an open head configuration. You can also mix boiling liquids made from heat-resistant nylon and brass.

“For pots up to 10.6” deep, it can be immersed above the shaft to the seam on the body. The intense power makes the Bamix Hand Blender the perfect partner for the most knowledgeable home chef.

The Bamix Hand Blender comes with an array of options to Use

The interchangeable stainless steel blade device makes your Bamix your kitchen’s Swiss Knife. The multi-purpose blade’s 3-dimensional nature makes it more flexible than your standard immersion blender. The Bamix hand blender can;

  • Perfectly blend your soup right inside the pot
  • Make dishes taste better by adequately put together a light and fluffy sauce
  • Make tasty homemade jams from pureé of fruits and berries
  • Chop ice conveniently to make tasty cocktails

You can use the Flat beater blade for more complicated tasks like;

  • Turning skimmed milk into fluffy whipped cream
  • Making a fluffy meringue from eggs
  • Preparing homemade coffee frappe
  • Preparing your cappuccino milk topping

Then you have the whisk blade to help you;

  • Put together a perfect mayonnaise in no time at all
  • Effortlessly create mashed potatoes
  • Make the personal recipe for a homemade salad dressing
  • Perfectly blend eggs fluffy to make an omelet

Bamix Hand Blender is Built to Last the Test of Time

For over 60 years, Bamix Hand Blenders have been manufactured in Switzerland. You can believe that the Bamix Hand Blender (Gordon Ramsay’s Blender) is up to the task of everyday use, built with only the finest quality components and ergonomic design.

Plus, all Bamix hand blenders are repairable so that this kitchen wonder can be used for a lifetime. For each ambitious chef, a bamix is genuinely the perfect instrument. Suffice to say; every kitchen should have one.

Some other known blenders used and recommended for professional chefs

See our top 3 known blenders recommended by top chefs for professional chefs

Hand blenders are an excellent choice, but some professional chefs still prefer the conventional full-size blenders.

Though the best blenders are unique devices that can be used to purée boiled veggies into soups or chop ingredients into salsa, most folks use their blenders for just one task; making smoothies.

You don’t essentially need the most powerful blender on the market if you fall into that category. You need one that can easily crush ice into slush, cut frozen fruits effortlessly, and grate the stringiest substance to get a smooth liquid.

To find the best smoothie blender, we spoke with chefs, wellness experts, and smoothie fanatics about some of the blenders they would recommend to be on the top counter.

The Vitamix Series 750 Blender, Professional Grade

It is not surprising that the Vitamix blender was by far the most popular smoothie blender. Hands down, says Jessica Young, founder, and CEO of Bubble, Vitamix is the Ferrari of blenders.

Before Bubble and entering the start-up world, I used to work in fine-dining kitchens; this blender is the industry standard and is used in most professional kitchens. And I use this blender for research and development every day as the product head at Daily Harvest, Jessica says.

But in a home environment, too, it is just as sweet. Amanda Chantal Bacon, the founder of Moon Juice, the California-based company known for its adaptogenic powders and health-conscious juices, says that I have Vitamix at home.

It’s also what we use in our Moon Juice stores. It gives the fluffiest mouthfeel that no other blender can replicate because of its ability to whip air into ice cream or tonics or even coconut milk.

Gaby Dalkin, the author of cookbooks and blogger at What’s Gaby Cooking, explicitly likes the Professional Series 750 blender and said that “its got a smoothie setting, so all of your ingredients can be thrown in, turned on, and relax. ”

Molly Alliman (who uses the Vitamix 5200), nutritionist and wellness coach, told us that she uses hers every day and that it works to combine large chunks of all frozen fruits, heartier vegetables such as kale, whole nuts, and everything else that would normally leave pieces in other blenders.

Yeah, the Vitamix is costly, but many of the experts maintained that the splurge was worthwhile, noting that for years they had used and enjoyed theirs.

Holistic nutritionist and recipe developer Neda Varbanova seconds the feeling: I’ve had my Vitamix for over seven years now, and it’s still powerful and blends everything to perfection, she says.

Barrett Prendergast, lifestyle blogger and founder of Valleybrink Road, said that she had had her Vitamix for “eight years now, and it’s still going strong.”

And for over ten years now, wellness blogger Virpi Mikkonen has had her Vitamix and says she has created five cookbooks and hundreds and hundreds of recipes with it, and I still use it daily.

The engine just doesn’t stop: Even the most challenging ingredients are taken care of. I bet I could also use it to make fine sand out of stones,” she says.

For the longest in all 25 years, Chef Seamus Mullen used Vitamix and simply stated that: There’s only one blender in my kitchen, and it’s the Vitamix.

Breville BBL620 Fresh & Furious Blender

Marco Canora, the James Beard Award-winning chef of Hearth, Zadie’s, and Brodo, told us about the Breville Hemisphere Control Blender.

This he used to test recipes the smoothies he sells at Brodo when we first inquired about their go-to blenders for smoothies as chefs.

Canora said the Hemisphere’s “bowl-shaped bottom” was a significant part and that it “helps push the ingredients down on themselves to blend quickly and effectively.

Unfortunately, the Hemisphere blender is no longer available. Still, after inquiring from some professional chefs, we found out that the Fresh & Furious blender is the best alternative for the Hemisphere in its line.

Compared to the Hemisphere Control of seven, this blender has nine duty buttons, and it has two automatic smoothie settings: one for leafy greens and another for smoothies with a bit less leafy greens.

Magic Bullet Blender, Small, Silver, 11 Piece Set

Several of the chefs and smoothie fanatics raved about the Magic Bullet Blender. If you’re looking for something a little more economical and that will take up less kitchen-counter.

The system comes with smaller, bullet-shaped containers (that you can carry on the drive if you want) portioned for one smoothie. Bacon, a fan, calls it the “most powerful little blender, plus it has a good price point and is portable.”

Amanda Gaines of Well+Good agrees: it’s small but mighty, and let’s be real, without occupying too much kitchen counter space, it gets the job done.

Like Caitlin Sullivan, co-founder of Los Angeles restaurant Honey Hi, Molly Lukins Burke, and Tamara Martucci of wellness consultancy Food + Mood NYC area in the Magic Bullet club as well.

They say; The Magic Bullet is great because it’s affordable, so compact, and easy to clean, but still has excellent blending capacity


The Bamix Hand blender is an amazing hand blender that is currently used by top chef Gordon Ramsay, and it is advised that you use same to make your cooking an amazing one.

The Bamix Hand blender is a unique piece of machinery that doesn’t require much kitchen space and would go a long way in lessening your work-load as a chef.

Though it doesn’t displace the conventional blenders, both hand blenders and full set blenders have vital roles to play in every chef’s culinary activities.

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