How Much is an Old Meat Grinder Worth

How much is an old meat grinder worth is an interesting question and it is actually worth it. Depending on the choice of anyone, you may need a meat grinder but it doesn’t have to be a brand new one or the modern versions. If this is your case, I have some guides for you on how much an old meat grinder is worth.

One good thing about an electric grinder is that it reduces time and make the job easier for you; an old meat grinder is generally known to grind vegetable, fish, or sausage perfectly with a low price and old model.

Both the manual and electric models are good at their jobs; they can grind both meat and other foods well just that the latter is faster than the former. The manual meat grinder involves much power and energy to operate but you can enjoy using it for a long time with a little amount of cash.

I will discuss some vital information about antique meat grinder and then give some tips that will add to your chances of purchasing the right meat grinder even as it is an old model.

How much is an old meat Grinder Worth in Details?

How Much is an Old Meat Grinder Worth

The price of an old meat grinder varies from $10 to $60. This varying price is a function of the manufacturer of the grinder, the warranty, its useful life, the versatility of the meat grinder, and how readily available the replacement parts are.

There are some reliable online stores you can also visit if you are planning to pick a high-quality meat grinder. Some may cost just a dollar while some may cost higher.

Old Fashioned Meat Grinder – More Details

The oldest meat grinders are normally made of iron cast or cast steel that has a précised internal portion that is meant to maintain any food item or meat. Some old models are just fantastic in their work, thus the choice of most people due to the nature of the design.

If you observe the old meat grinders very well, you will realize that they are the best forever. Especially the first models made at the generation of our grandpas and grandmas.

The Antique Meat Grinder – Old


This meat grinder is made of iron cast and cannot be easily destroyed plus a lot of functionality that comes with it—the design of this meat grinder beats a lot of other known meat grinders.

If your budget is low, you still can get this meat grinder despite its excellent performance. You can get it at Amazon meat Grinder or eBay Meat Grinder department.

Vintage Meat Grinder old Model


The meat grinder is highly durable, and from its appearance, you will quickly understand that it will last longer than expected.

There are many reasons why people will like to pick Vintage Meat Grinder over most grinders—the design, the quality, of this type of grinder will always be excellent always.

The attractive look of Vintage meat Grinder gives it more chance of being loved by most people and its functionality still beats that of most modern meat grinders. Most modern designs cannot offer most of the functionalities of the old models.

Is the old Model Meat Grinder worth it?

How Much is an Old Meat Grinder Worth

You may be wondering why you should buy an old model machine when there are new model meat grinders. That is not the judgment. Old model meat grinders despite being manuals are very strong that they can be used to work on large amounts of meat irrespective of the toughness of the meat.

During the ancient time, fish fillet and other grinding tasks were carried out using the old model meat grinders as the primary engines due to lack of electricity.

Despite an old model is cheap, the function and benefits you will enjoy from using it are worth more than the over expensive meat grinders of the new versions.

Do you know how to buy an old Meat Grinder?

You have already decided to go for an old meat grinder due to the fact that it will definitely serve you well, now, let us talk about some tips you can follow to get meat best old meat grinders for yourself.

  • The Crank handle should be flexible when turning it. Ensure that you don’t pick the one with hand crank sticky—the end result should be that it can properly wobble.
  • Do not buy any old meat grinder with rust evidence—quickly run away.
  • Check to see if the multi-blade cutter head is available because it is one of the most important parts of a meat grinder—it must be able to drive with auger without sign or worn.
  • There should be at least two grinding plates that come with the meat grinding machine, one of which should be for coarser texture and the other for a fine texture.
  • Other meat grinders may come with additional plates for other purposes; it is your choice to consider that too.
  • The lock collar to hold must be safe while using it.
  • The auger should arrive in perfect condition, there shouldn’t be any part missing.
  • The condition of the hand crank must be stable and should be replaceable by a homemade or wooden handle.
  • Ensure that the thumbscrew of the device threads, and be in a good shape for easier and safer installment.
  • It must have a durable surface.

10 Steps to restore an old Meat Grinder

Maybe you were not lucky after purchasing a meat grinder. You don’t know how to restore it. you can follow these simple steps to do so.

Step 1: Disassemble the Meat Grinder

First of all, disassemble the meat grinder by separating the entire parts from each other through unscrewing them.

Step 2: Soak the entire parts dissembled

The next step is to soak the entire parts of the meat grinder in the household vinegar.

Step 3: Brush the parts and clean

Remove the soaked parts from the household vinegar and brush them, clean and dry.

Step 4: Prep the Parts and Paint

You can then prep the entire parts for painting.

Step 5: Prime the Machine

Prime the metal surface of your machine.

Step 6: You can now Paint the Machine

This stage requires that you should paint your meat grinder. You can do so by spraying some amount of paint enough to renew the old meat grinder.

Step 7: Get a sandpaper

You can now furnish your old meat grinder with sandpaper so that it will be neat and look more attractive.

Step 8: Get a finishing Oil and stain your Device

You can now stain your now new looking meat grinder handle in finishing oil.

Step 9: Replace the Plate and Knife

If it happened that the plate and the knife are damaged beyond recognition, you should replace them.

Step 10: Reassemble your Meat Grinder

The last step is to reassemble your meat grinder and then run garlic and sprout to clean or cure the inside of the meat grinder before use.

Steps on How to clean your old Meat Grinder

Cast iron is a malleable substance and a part of the group of metals known as ferrous alloys. If you don’t maintain your device made of cast iron properly, it will easily oxidize and then become rust.

If you don’t want your old meat grinder to continue to degrade, you will need to check it regularly so that it doesn’t break apart from the outer part.

A meat grinder comprises many components that work together mincing meat. The best way to prevent rusting of your meat grinder is to clean it regularly. As soon as you see the rust form, just clean it up with a few amounts of grease.

First Step

Dissemble the entire meat grinder into pieces but ensure that no part is missing later.

Second Step

Soap the entire parts of the meat grinder in a sink of hot water and should be soapy as well. Allow the parts to remain in the sink for up to 30 minutes so that some of the surface rust is removed.

Third Step

Remove the parts of the grinder soaked in the sink and then hand-dry them with a clean towel, either new or old if you don’t mind the stain that will be left on the new towel.

Fourth Step

Get a wire brush and scrub the surface of the metal but don’t allow the speed of your wire attachment to be too high if you are using it so that the surface of the metal is not damaged. Run the wire on the other parts of the meat grinder until they are all free of rust.

Fifth Step

This is the time to clean the entire components with mesh or steel wood pad under a running tap. Ensure that you poke holes in the meat grinder’s disc, using a stirrer or pipe cleaner, in order to remove the dirt and rust.

Sixth Step

The component of the machine should be washed with soapy water thoroughly to clean it up.

Seventh Step

Apply a thin coat of spray oil on each of the parts of the machine before you reassemble the meat grinder—this act will protect the machine from future rust.

The benefit of Owning your Meat Grinder

How Much is an Old Meat Grinder Worth

Owning a meat grinder comes with a lot of benefits. You may not need to waste your time and energy trying to get to a distance market to purchase ground meats. Most of the ground meats in the store are not healthy or even fresh.

Apart from the benefits I included above, there are some special benefits I cannot do without telling you about:

It is Affordable

Both the old and modern meat grinders are affordable depending on the size of your budget. Most meat grinders’ price ranges from $12 and above.

If you are a hunter or you have been gifted a chunk of meat by a hunter friend, taking it to the butcher may be a bit expensive but if you have your own meat grinder, it will only take you some few minutes to save your cash.

You can mince your meat, make sausage, and other meals using your own meat grinder. This is a great advantage for having a meat grinder at home.

You are in charge

Unlike when you take the meat to the butcher to grind for you, of which you don’t have full control of how you actually your meat be ground probably it will be expensive to pay for what you desire; owning your own meat grinder gives you total control over how you want your meat texture to look.

A meat grinder comes with at least two plates—coarse and fine, having a meat grinder gives you the power to grind your meat using any of the plates at a time.

As the owner of a meat grinder, you can start grinding your meat anytime you wish, unlike when you go to a butcher where you have to queue.

Another benefit of being in full control is that you can grind fresh and healthy meat at any given time.

You have fresh Meat all the time

If you have to buy ground meat all the time to get your sausage, burger, pizza, or what have you; fresh meat may not be available to you. However, if you have your own meat grinder, there is a 99 percent possibility that you will always eat fresh meat.

The quality of beef is determined by you unlike when you purchase ground meat from the butcher who uses any quality that favors his or her business without minding how you may feel afterward.

Healthy Meat

Your meat grinder is for sure a reason to have healthy meat from now on. You can now monitor the kind of meat you want to grind. You may want to go for the best meat for making a burger and the rest. The risk of picking up bacteria will be completely reduced.

There are a lot of benefits that come with having your own meat grinders—such as neatness in grinding your meat, speed, and effortless that contribute to your wellbeing or preventing you from unnecessary stress.


There is no doubt that we are missing out on these days. In the olden days, things are made with super high-quality materials, unlike these modern days we hardly find a product that can last beyond 10 years. These old meat grinders are so powerful that they can spend years without getting damaged.

They are ancient manual meat grinders but their functionalities are beyond the modern meat grinders. You can always renew your old meat grinder using the methods I mentioned above.

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