Best Electric Grain Mill for Home

If you are getting bored with using store-bought flour, or you want to level up as a baking enthusiast, then getting a very good electric grain mill for home is the best way to go.

As one who is delighted in baking pastries, We understand the benefit of having this machine at home and that is why we have reviewed the best electric grain mills in this post.

It is no news that Store-bought flour can be loaded with chemical additives and unhealthy components, this is why it is better to invest in a grain mill.

You can choose to buy the electric grain mill or the hand-powered one. But in this article, we have combed the internet, and after exhaustive research and testing, we have come up with this list of the best electric grain mills that are ideal for home use.

The ones reviewed here will give you fresh and fluffy flour in no time which you can use to make amazing pastries and fresh bread at home.

Most of them are so good that they can even grind grain, nuts, seeds, or berries.

Top Recommendations

If you are in a hurry, we have presented our top picks on electric grain mills in the table below.

ProducrImageAdvantagesWhere to buy
CGOLDENWALL Electric Grain Grinder MillEasy storage
Accessories included
Check on Amazon
UTTARA Multifunction Smash MachineUTTARA Multifunction Smash Machine Electric Grain GrinderUser-friendly Design
Upgraded 4-leaf Blades
Easy to Clean
5.3oz Large Capacity & Transparent Lid
Multi-functional Grinder
Check on Amazon
Home High-Speed Electric Grain Mill Home High-Speed 150g Electric Grain Mill GrinderElectric Grain Grinder speed
Stainless Steel Material
Easy Clean-Up
Buckle Structure
Widely Application
Check on Amazon

If you are used to using store-bought flour already, it is undesirable to feel reluctant to buy any of these electric grain mills.

They will cost you cash and will require extra space in the kitchen. But here is the big truth that you probably don’t know about having an electric grain mill at home:

They are super versatile and extremely functional equipment. They also require low maintenance compared to other types of electrical kitchen appliances.

Getting an electric grain mill for a home will be the healthiest decision you ever make when it comes to baking at home or preparing any recipe that has to do with freshly milled flour.

Full review of the best electric grain mill for home

CGOLDENWALL 700g Safety Upgraded Electric Grain Grinder Mill


This grain mill is made of high-grade stainless steel. Its slot mouth design provides an even size.

This brushless motor is made of copper wire and has high power, fast speed, and a longer lifespan. It’s ideal for grain processing.

This machine is empowered to a safer air overload protection from its fuse type. This will enable the machine to continue to work on pressing a button whenever it stops working.

The machine will stop working if the lid is opened. It will also stop working if the powder is leaking to ensure safe operation. To prevent this, the lid should be firmly locked.

This grain mill features a slot mouth design for even size and better sealing performance.

Normal grains only require the 30s to be ground into mesh superfine power. This motor is made of copper wire and has high power and fast speed.


  • Upgraded Air Overload Protection
  • Open-Cover-Stop Safe Struction
  • Stainless Steel One Stretch with Handle
  • High Power Commercial Motor


  • The primary issue with this mill is that it is located near a high-speed motor that’s used to process grain. This produces a yellow-brown film on the bottom of the mill. You can keep this out of your grains while sieving, anyway
  • I wish there was a manual that tells how long it will take to get used to fine, or how many seconds it will take to set the dial.

UTTARA Multifunction Smash Machine Electric Grain Grinder


About product

Just press the start button and release the button for the machine to stop, this UTTIRA Multifunction Smash Machine Electric Grain Grinder performs greatly with very low noise. It does not vibrate vigorously like other quack mills.

It is a very professional machine but not too complex for an average home cook to use. This super grain mill can quickly grind in 10 seconds.

This amazing grain mill features a Premium stainless steel blade that delivers powerful and quick performance.

The product can be used to effectively grind coffee beans or other dry ingredients sharply. Another significant feature of the UTTIRA Multifunction Smash Machine Electric Grain Grinder is the transparent lid with a sealing ring.

This part will effectively prevent powder splashing, and also allows you to monitor the grinding process from a coarse to a fine powder.

What we like about UTTIRA Multifunction Smash Machine Electric Grain Grinder

It is a One button operation electric grain grinder. And as we have said, it emits very very low noise and no vibration.

One other interesting thing we like about this mill is that it is very safe and easy to use. These are the essential features of home grain mills.

The machine stops for a while after using for every 10-15 seconds, to prevent the motor from overheating.

It features  food-grade 304 stainless steel blades and a 150W powerful motor that is more than enough to evenly and continuously take care of all your grinding

It is one of the best grinders to achieve coarse, medium, or fine powder as you desired.

It is very easy to clean the machine too. The bowl is smooth and all you need to make it neat after use is a cleaning brush and cleaning cloth.

Also, you are looking at a super versatile grain mill that you can buy for your home to take care of not only wheat but also for grinding spices, nuts, seeds, cereals, coffee beans, seasonings, Chinese medicine, and so on.

The only thing that you may not fancy about this electric grain mill is that it is only for dry ingredients and not wet ones.


  • User-friendly Design
  • Upgraded 4-leaf Blades
  • Easy to Clean
  • 5.3oz Large Capacity & Transparent Lid
  • Multi-functional Grinder

Home High-Speed 150g Electric Grain Mill Grinder


About product

This amazing Homend High-Speed 150g Electric Grain Mill Grinder features a super Stainless steel one stretch, it is also designed with a slotted mouth with even size. The Crushed groove is polished, it is a very beautiful groan mill and easy to clean after use.

It is designed with a Professional leak-proof and unobstructed opening.

The electric grain mill features an Elastic adjustment nut that allows you to adjust it freely. You don’t have to be scared of spilling because this one comes with the perfect secure lock.

What we like about Homend High-Speed 150g Electric Grain Mill Grinder

The speed, really impressive for an electric home grain mill 28000(r/min).

It is a tough and durable electric grain mill that is made of food-grade stainless steel. The safety of the motor is assured and will last for a longer time.

We do not recommend you use water to clean this machine. By simply using a clean brush or cloth will do. It is also very versatile and can be used to grind whole Grains such as soybeans, black rice, corn, and so on.

These products also work well for Chinese medicines like ginseng, astragalus, and more.

Specification of Homend High-Speed 150g Electric Grain Mill Grinder

Voltage: 110V
Rated Power:850W
Frequency: 60Hz
Rotary speed of motor: 28000 r/min
Working time: 5 minutes
Interval time: 10 minutes
Capacity: 150g(0.33lbs)
Crushed Level: superfine mill


  • Electric Grain Grinder speed
  • Stainless Steel Material
  • Easy Clean-Up
  • Buckle Structure
  • Widely Application

Mockmill Stone Grain Mill


About product

This is a very trustworthy grain mill brand that has been impressing its loyal fans with upgraded models.

This  Mockmill 100 brings together four decades of engineering breakthroughs and presents a compact, elegant, yet durable machine. This particular electric grain mill has been designed to function on heavy-duty tasks and can make a very perfect addition to your home kitchen.

What we like about Mockmill 100 Stone Grain Mill by Wolfgang Mock

With this Mockmill 100 Stone Grain Mill by Wolfgang Mock, you can quickly and easily turn a wide variety of grains into fresh, powdery, exquisitely fine flour.

All you need to do is push a button and make all the work without any mess or extra clean-up.

You no longer have to waste money on prebagged flour or factory-processed ones because you can create super-fresh flours with this machine.


  • Produces Fast, fine flour mill for healthy recipes
  • Mills 100g (3.5oz) of flour per minute with push-button ease
  • 6-year warranty provided by Wolfgang Mock
  • Earth-friendly, renewable, and durable housing

APWONE Electric Grain Mills


About product

The APWONE 1000gram Electric Grain Mills Grinder Powder is made with high-quality materials. It includes a  food-grade 304 stainless steel, thick, hard, and durable.

It has been designed with a locking buckle that prevents material spillage.

What we like about APWONE 1000gram Electric Grain Mills Grinder Powder

We single out the ultra-high-speed fine motor and high-grade bearings of the APWONE 1000gram Electric Grain Mills Grinder Powder. It is unmatchable.

Also the  Three-layer blade with crushing blade, horn blade, and powder removal blade is all you need to boast of your perfect electric grain mill to your neighbors.

All it needs 5o grin all kinds of dehydrated food, wheat, corn, sesame, coffee, soybean, fish feed, pepper, medicine into a fine powder is about 0 second. It also features an LCD digital display, Easy to adjust, and read the time.

It is also very easy to pour out grain powder and clean after use.

Specification of the APWONE 1000gram Electric Grain Mills Grinder Powder

Voltage: 110v-60hz
Load Power-2800w (1000g)
Rated Power: 600W
Degree of grinding: 50-300 mesh
capacity: 2.2 lbs. (1000g)
motor speed: 25000(r/min)
crushed level: superfine mill
principle: high-speed grinder.


  • High-quality material
  • Easy to use
  • LCD timer
  • Super smash function
  • Grind machine parameter

Hand-powered or electric grain mill: which is better?

There is no straight answer to which option is best, either to use a hand-powered grain mill or one that works electronically.

But what we can answer straight is the factors that can affect or influence your decision between the two options.

What even set the difference between a hand-cranked grain mill and an electric one? What makes one better than the other.

Well, they are both advantageous in their way. As for an electric grain mill, all you have to do is pour the grains into the top of the machine, and the machine will do all the work for you.

However, it needs to be plugged into electricity for it to even work.

In the case of using a hand-powered grain mill, you are required to pour the grain into the top of the machine.

There is a crank handle on the other side of the machine that you must turn to make the grinding plates turn to grind your flour. This mechanism is quite different from the electric one.

While they will produce the same result, in the end, the hand-powered grain mill takes more work and time.

But the huge advantage is that it will be your only option when there is no electricity.

When choosing to buy either an electric grain mill or one that is powered with the hand, you have to first consider the purpose for which you want to get the mill. Because you may be confused about which type is best for you.

If you are thinking of buying a hand-powered grain mill, then it means you want to be more self-sufficient.

Some people just want to simply avoid buying flour in a bag and are looking for a simple way to convert an ample amount of grains into fresh flour. If you are in this category, we suggest you pick a hand-powered grain mill.

Electric grain mills, on the other hand, will be the best option for those who are ready to go down to the start of things and curate their flour recipe. It is used by most professionals, it saves time and will use for those who use grain mill frequently.

Benefits of buying an electric grain mill

From the very beginning of this post, we have been highlighting some of the benefits of having a grain mill around at home.

They are handy kitchen appliances for any pastries lover and this is where we shall dwell more on the benefits of buying now just a grain mill but an electric one.

One of the really obvious benefits is that having an electric grain mill is the healthiest flour solution.

This is the major benefit of having an electric grain mill at home, you can now conveniently make freshly ground flour as they are healthier for you than those store-bought ones you buy.

Since the grain has not been processed, and we are dealing with natural, whole wheat flour, it is the healthiest flour solution for you.

An electric grain mill also helps greatly if you are thinking of being self-sufficient, you also want to be always prepared in case there is an unforetold happening so that it doesn’t disturb your baking schedules.

Even If you have a hand-powered grain mill and not an electric one, it will still help in times of emergency and when there is no electricity. Just have some stored grain or wheat and you are good to go.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Grain Mill

One of the hugest mistakes that buyers make when buying a grain mill is ignoring the necessary features that are meant to be included to be equipped in the mill mechanism.

Instead of just choosing an expensive grain mill, because you believe that the most expensive one will be powerful, is it not better to have a knowledge of the qualities or a good grain mill for home use?

With this, you will be able to discern which is good and which will last longer. You actually need no one to tell you if a product is good or not as long as you know what you want. The best way is to know things to consider before buying such a product.

So before you hurry to buy just any kind of grain mill, here are the few important things that we have gathered. You should take note of these important things when choosing any grain mill in the market.


The first decision a buyer will have to make is to choose the type of mechanism he wants for his grain mill. This is where either an electric grain mill or a hand-powered one comes to play.

The grinding plate in a grain mill is responsible for the grinding process. You may choose to pick gain mill machines that steel jagged teeth or spikes that crack and grind during rotation.


The best decision will be to choose a grain mill that is made of durable and tough body parts and materials. As for hand-powered grain mills, most of them are made of metal- stainless steel, cast iron, or aluminum. Hardly will you see a hand-powered grain mill with plastic body parts.

The electric grain mills we have shared in this post are made with the best materials that make them strong and durable


You want to choose a product that will not take or require too much space in your kitchen. A perfect electric or manual grain mill does not have to be gigantic for it to work powerfully.

You should choose one that has compact storage and… Well, you can’t debate much about the weight as some of them can be heavy.

Noisy or quiet

One of the important things you should consider when picking a grain mill that you intend to use at home is the level of noise.

It is a bad idea to choose a grain mill that makes so much noise. You could disturb people at home. The products we have reviewed in this article are not noisy at all. Even though they work very powerfully.


Another important thing to not ignore when choosing an electric grain mill, especially for home use, is how versatile the product is.

While some grain mills are limited to grind some kind of nuts and grain, others, like the ones in this post can grind almost anything.


To crown it all, You want to consider the money you are spending on a grain mill, either electric or hand-operated.

But most grain mills are affordable. They are even cost-effective than buying pre-packaged flour from the store.

If you intend to use your grain mill once in a while, then you may want to choose one that is less expensive.

Most people associate cheap grain mills with less durable ones. So you don’t want to make a bad decision by choosing a cheap one that is not good for the heavy task you intend to use it for.

The most expensive grain mills, that is, electric ones now, have 10 years of warranty.

Conclusion on the best electric grain mill for home

We are very positive that our in-depth review has been able to convince you of the benefits associated with owning an electric grain mill. We also hope that you found your favorite among all the best options listed here.

As said earlier, you want to consider factors like affordability, efficiency, quality, and texture of ground grain, speed, etc. When choosing any of these electric grain mills. We also believe that our compilation has been able to narrow down your choice.