Can You Grind Wheat In A Coffee Grinder

Can you grind wheat in a coffee grinder? This question has been asked by a lot of people out there, that is the major reason we are writing this article. If you have ever wondered if you can grind wheat in a coffee grinder, you are about to get your answer.

Can you grind wheat in a coffee grinder?

Can You Grind Wheat In A Coffee Grinder

The answer is yes, you can grind wheat by making use of a coffee grinder. Grinding wheat with your coffee grinder is a very great way to grind and one advantage is that it is also inexpensive, this means that you do not have to spend so much in grinding your wheat. Making use of the coffee grinder to grind wheat saves you some money.

When you want to grind wheat in your coffee grinder, you should not throw in a lot of wheat inside it, this will prevent the grinder from jamming while it is in use. You should use about ¾ to one cup of wheat, this is the amount a small coffee grinder can handle per time.

Like we said earlier, grain mills cost a lot, and to save you the cost of getting a grain mill to grind your wheat, you can go for the alternative of using a coffee grinder.

But if you still feel you want to go the normal route of using a grain mill, or if you are willing to spend so much on grain mill you can go ahead to get one for yourself.

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Do you need to wash your wheat before grinding?

Can You Grind Wheat In A Coffee Grinder

Before you set out to try new things you have not done before, it is usually best you ask questions to know more. That is the reason we are writing this. It is not really advisable that you wash your wheat before grinding, this is because it is very important that the grains you are grinding are supposed to be dry and not wet.

If you wash the wheat before grinding it, you are not only making it difficult for the coffee grinder, you are also causing the wheat to spoil easily. Conclusively, there is no reason to wash your wheat with water or to rinse something away from it using water.

You just need to make sure that the wheat is dry before you grind it in the coffee grinder.

Other uses of a coffee grinder

Can You Grind Wheat In A Coffee Grinder

Aside from the regular use of the coffee grinder, there are other uses of the coffee grinder of which you may have not heard of before. The coffee grinder, however, is a multipurpose appliance used in the kitchen, though the coffee grinder may seem small in size, it is more powerful than you can imagine, and you can do a lot more with it.

Using a coffee grinder is so effective and it does the job faster without stress.

Take note that you are to use this coffee grinder to perform small tasks, and not for big tasks or for grinding things you know that cannot contain the coffee grinder.

If you do this you are at the risk of damaging the blades of your coffee grinder, this may even damage the coffee grinder entirely.

Take note of these other uses of the coffee grinder:

Coffee Grinder for Bread crumbs

When you have your bread, you can cut it into small pieces and throw it into the coffee grinder, the grinder grinds it to the exact texture you want it to be as long as you keep the grinder on.

When it is done grinding to the texture you desire, then you can now turn off the grinder. Take note that you should also not overload this machine, make sure you keep the bread to about half of its capacity, this will help extend the life span of the grinder and keep it from early damage.

Coffee Grinder for Dry herbs

Some people actually have gardens in their homes, and this garden houses some really good herbs which are beneficial to man. If you want to grind some herbs for your use, you can resort to your coffee grinder, it can do the job without stress.

Coffee Grinder for Spices

Spices have a very nice aroma especially when you add them to your food, if there is no mortar and pestle, you can make use of your coffee grinder to grind your spices.

Coffee Grinder for Chopped nuts

The coffee grinder grinds nuts when it is softer, like walnuts, peanuts etc. If you grind the nuts for too long it could turn into butter, so ensure that you do not grind it for too long. You can also sprinkle some chopped nuts on top of your yoghurt, or even salad.

Herbs for tea

Depending on the size of the ingredient you are grinding, do not grind too much of it. It is also easy to make your own tea blends using dried herbs you may have purchased in bulk or that you have plucked in your garden.

Best coffee grinders that can grind wheat

After reading through the article if you can grind wheat inside a coffee grinder, you may have made up your mind that you want to own your coffee grinder. Some may prefer to spend more to buy the grain mills for grinding wheat.

Well, if you do not want to spend that much money you can as well go for a coffee grinder. Before you set out to buy a coffee grinder, it is very important that you do a market survey sort of, this helps you pick the exact kind of a coffee grinder that meets your need and also suits your pocket.

There are a lot of brands of coffee grinders out there, so, it is left to you to make your decision. Take a look at these coffee grinders and make your decision.

Best coffee grinders that can grind wheat Buy on Amazon
KF2030 Electric Coffee Grinder by Kaffe


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Hamilton (80335R) Beach Fresh Grind 4.5oz Electric Coffee Grinder


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KF2030 Electric Coffee Grinder by Kaffe


This coffee grinder can grind wheat and also other seeds like coffee beans to fine grounds, after using it to grind it comes out in very great texture, it does this in the shortest period of time with minimum stress.

This is one of the advantages of this coffee grinder. It also has an easy to use off and off button which is positioned on a safety lid. This coffee grinder is also multipurpose, it can be used for a lot more things other than grinding wheat and coffee.

Another good thing is that this grinder comes with a brush you can use in cleaning it. One feature that will give buyers the confidence to buy this machine is that it comes with a lifetime warranty, this covers damage or defect.

This feature helps you to save money, unlike other coffee grinders, if it has any defect you may have to spend some money to fix it or even get a new one. The warranty is an added advantage and may convince buyers to get this grinder.


  • Very efficient
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Quiet operation
  • Comes with a cleaning brush
  • Dishwasher safe lid
  • Comes with lifetime warranty


  • Cannot grind large chunk of wheat

Final verdict

This coffee grinder has multi-purpose functionality, this means it can also be used for wheat and other seeds. The lifetime warranty is a very good thing and an innovative idea, it is one of the reasons people will buy it, just like we have said earlier.

Take note that you can also use this grinder as a gift item, if you want to gift a loved one something, this coffee grinder is a great idea. Even for newlyweds, it is also possible to gift them this grinder. It is left for you to check your budget and your needs and make your decision.

Hamilton (80335R) Beach Fresh Grind


When you are making use of this grinder, do not expect it to make so much noise, it is quieter than most competitors out there in the market. You can make use of it in the morning, even at midnight and it will not constitute a nuisance or even wake people up from sleep.

It also has a removable grinding chamber, this feature makes it easy for you to fill up the chamber with wheat or grains for grinding, make sure that as you are filling up, you should not fill it to the brim, you should fill it halfway.

This will help not to overload the grinder and it will prevent the blades from going through overload. The grinder has hidden cord storage. This helps you keep the cord out of sight when it is not in use.

This could help keep the cord safe and extend its life span as well. It also comes with stainless-steel blades; these kinds of blades are very durable and it does the job of grinding with ease.


  • Very silent machine
  • Stainless-steel blades
  • Hidden cord storage
  • Removable grinding chamber
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean


  • It may leave chunks after grinding
  • The Motor may heat up fast

Final verdict

The fact that this grinder is so quiet and does not make noise while it is in use is an added advantage. You can use it in midnight and no one will know that grinding is taking place.

This may be quieter than most grinders of its kind. This is one of the reasons buyers love this machine. It also has a strong stainless-steel blade that is durable and grinds efficiently without complaints.

The fact that it has a stainless-steel blade does mean you should overload the blending chamber with a lot of stuff. It can damage not only the blade but also the grinder itself. While you make use of this grinder, be sure to take good care of it so that it can last long for you.

This is value for money spent, if this grinder meets your needs and you do not have any problem with the price then it is not a bad idea if you go for it.

Final Words

Using the coffee grinder to grind wheat is more like an alternative, grain mills do this job too, that is if you have over $200 to spend on grain mills. They are quite expensive to buy and that is one of the reasons why people resort to using coffee grinders to grind their wheat.

After grinding your wheat in the coffee grinder, you don’t just clean it with water and leave it that way, there are some special ways of taking care of it to make it last longer for your use.

Before you start any cleaning process, it is important you unplug the grinder form electricity, this will help  When you are grinding, some might get stuck underneath the blades, it is important that you remove the blade, soak it in hot soapy water for a while.

The essence of soaking it in hot soapy water is to soften the stuck wheat and make it easier to be removed. After doing this you can now wash with hands, take note that you should be careful of the blades, it is quite sharp and it can cut you if care is not taken.

Wash it gently to avoid injuries and blood spill. Remove the lid and wash it too, next, remove all the plastic and rubber parts and wash it separately. You can also make use of s brush to brush the plastic parts to cleansing.

When you are done with all these cleaning processes, ensure that you make use of a dry cloth to wipe the outer and inner part of it to remove any form of oil on it. When you are done you can now assemble it and store in a cool dry place.

Remember that you should repeat this cleaning process at least every few months, this will keep the grinder in shape for maximum performance, it will also extend the life span.

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