How to Grind Cloves Without a Mortar and Pestle

Right from the beginning of time, human has been an intuitively creative studying his environment, discovering new things, and finding a solution for the newly discovered problem.

Grinding cloves is another discovery in the history of mankind, and with time a lot of ways of grinding them have been proven right through the advancement of technology.

Apart from the use of Mortar and Pestle, what other tools you think can help us grind cloves decently?

Here you will find out how you are going to grind your cloves without having to use the popular mortar and pestle.

We will share with you other tools that can also be used to grind cloves in the kitchen?

How to Grind Cloves Without a Mortar and Pestle

Ready to know? Sit tight.

Food Processor

A food processor has always proven versatile in the kitchen and that’s why it will always be mentioned by great kitchen authors and amateurs alike. Why? It is a tool that should be present in every home.

Let’s come from the perspective of the Dry Grinding Process. When it comes to this aspect of grinding, a food processor is very useful. It can grind dry spices, cloves, and buds.

A mini food processor will do the job of grinding cloves.

How to Grind Cloves in a Food Processor

You may feel a bit reluctant to want to accept that you can grind your cloves in a food processor especially when no one has ever done so in your presence.

What if I told you that one of the best ways to grind dry: vegetables, spices, cinnamons, and other ingredients alike after the very tool specifically made for them is a food processor? Yeah! You heard me well.

Here are the steps to follow when grinding your cloves and other ingredients in a similar process:

  • First of all, get your cloves prepared and ensure that they are dry since we are grinding them using a food processor in the dry grinding mode.
  • Break the cloves into smaller pieces (Scientifically—smaller particles) using a metal spoon or anything similar in weight and effort.
  • Pour the broken pieces into a clean plate and set them to grind.
  • Toss the pieces of cloves into the Food Processor, tap on the power button, and start the grinding until the desired texture is met.
  • Remove the chosen plate containing the ground pieces of cloves and clean up your Food Processor.

A Spice Grinder

How to Grind Cloves Without a Mortar and Pestle

The first time I saw someone grinding cloves was when I was young. I used to see my mom grinding cloves along with other ingredients to make a local pap called “Koko”. Wow, with the fantastic taste and aroma that comes out of it, you will likely want to try grinding cloves just to perceive the aroma.

A spice grinder is an ideal tool that should be used to grind cloves and their buds. They perform better than Mortar and Pestle and will accurately give you the texture you need.

A spice grinder can either be an electric or manual grinder. The two devices in their various versions are superb when it comes to grinding the cloves available.

How to Grind Cloves with a Spice Grinder

Here are the steps you need to follow when grinding cloves with a Spice Grinder:

  • Get your cloves available and ensure they are broken into pieces using any clean but strong object available.
  • Dust off the spice grinder and check out any issue before even trying to work with it.
  • If it is a manual Spice Grinder, you don’t need to switch on any power button, unlike the electric version.
  • Pour the pieces of cloves into a clean plate and ensure there is no dust flying around.
  • Pour the pieces of cloves into the spice grinder and start grinding them until the desired consistency is reached.

A Coffee Grinder

How to Grind Cloves Without a Mortar and Pestle

Coffee Grinder is another fundamental tool that shouldn’t be missing in the kitchen. I have tasted coffee before and I was excited about how it tasted because it was well ground with the right machine.

Coffee grinders work like spice grinders and as such a reliable alternative to Mortar and Pestle that may not even give you the desired texture in these modern days.

Lest I forget. Can a coffee grinder grind cloves? It is another perfect solution since it works in a similar way with a Spice grinder.

How to grind cloves in a Coffee Grinder

Depending on the type of coffee grinder you want to use. As you already know, there are various types of coffee grinders which are burr, conical, and blade grinders. However, the grinding steps are not different at all:

  • Prepare your Cloves and break them into smaller pieces separating the tail (The cloves) from the head( buds).
  • Pour the pieces into a clean plate and cover them to avoid dust from getting into them.
  • Get your coffee grinder, either manual or electric version set it well, and prepare it for the grinding process.
  • Pour the Cloves into the Grinder and start the grinding process.
  • When you get to your desired texture, kindly remove the bowl containing the ground Cloves and pour it back into any plate desired.

Blender for Cloves

How to Grind Cloves Without a Mortar and Pestle

I thought a Blender is only good for wet things. Well, I’m now curious just as you are. Let’s keep reading to see if truly, there is a proven way to do that.

The last time I used a Blender for cooking was when I was in Northern Nigeria, precisely Zaria. I blended spice along with some tomatoes and it was a great experience. The machine was super-fast and no much mess is done.

In this case, we are talking about the dried ingredients. Can it actually work using a blender popularly known for grinding wet ingredients? Yes it can. You must however ensure that your blender is dry before goig ahead to grind your cloves in it.

How to Grind Cloves using a Blender

A co-writer (Vitalis) has something to say about it in one of his articles titled “Can you Grind Cloves in a Blender”. Check that great article out for more details.

  • Dry your Cloves if for any reason they are wet. This is a must since Cloves are most needed in the dried form.
  • Always remember to break the Cloves into two parts, the tail, and the head—meaning the cloves tail and its bud.
  • Prepare your blender by setting up everything as necessary from dusting it to fixing any minor issue detected before grinding.
  • Pour the pieces of Cloves in batches into the blender and start the grinding process.
  • Don’t forget you are using the grinder blade for this particular grinding rather than the blade that blends.
  • Remove the ground Cloves and clean up your blender for another time.

Mixer Grinder

How to Grind Cloves Without a Mortar and Pestle

A mixer grinder has proven versatile over the years of its uses globally. This device is another must-have tool in your kitchen. This tool is perfect as an alternative to Mortar and Pestle as such will do a great job grinding your cloves.

In a previous article, I mentioned a mixer grinder as a tool that can do the job of our traditional tools. Here is how it can be done.

How to Grind Cloves in a Mixer Grinder

It is not difficult to grind Cloves in a mixer grinder. In a similar way you can grind rice flour in it, such is possible in this scope too.

  • Get your dried Cloves ready and break and cut them into pieces for an easier grinding process.
  • Pour the pieces into a plate to see if there is any dirt along with them.
  • If possible, sieve to ensure there are no sand particles contained in it.
  • Get your mixer grinder ready.
  • Pour the pieces of Cloves in the Grinder
  • Switch on the power button and start grinding the Cloves.
  • Remove the ground Cloves and clean up your mixer grinder.

A Meat Grinder

How to Grind Cloves Without a Mortar and Pestle

I almost switch off while doing my findings of the next grinder that can be used for grinding Cloves. Fortunately, I was able to come across the fact that a meat grinder can do that job. However, it was not mentioned in the article that it can grind Cloves but can grind spices along with vegetables.

This aspect will give us the free will to discuss how you can grind Cloves using a meat grinder. Another thing is that a meat grinder can be used as a mixer grinder, so, this defined my purpose for this point.

How to Grind Cloves with a Meat Grinder

A meat grinder can play the role of a mixer grinder, in fact, a better role for that matter. If that’s the case, let’s see how it works on Cloves or Spices:

    • Get your Cloves ready and ensure they are dried.
    • Break the Cloves into smaller sizes ensuring the tail is separated from the head.
    • Pour the Pieces of the cloves into the meat grinder
    • Start the machine and grind the Cloves.
    • Remove the bowl or tray underneath the meat grinder to collect your ground Cloves.


  • Clean up the Meat Grinder for another day.

Microplane Graters

How to Grind Cloves Without a Mortar and Pestle

Microplane Graters as their name appears are normally used for grating. However, is it not amazing for someone to try convincing you that they can be used as grinders?

This is a useful kitchen tool that can be used for large spice such as ginger, turmeric root, cinnamon sticks, and so on.

The Good news is that Microplane Graters come in different sizes, so you can easily grab the size most suitable for grinding Cloves.

How to use Microplane graters for cloves

  • Hold the grater upright with your less active hand to keep it firm over the provided plate.
  • Pack the Cloves in a few amount and glide over the steel shaft of the grater gently to avoid falling.
  • Repeat the steps until you get the desired texture (The desired texture may not always be achievable).
  • Be careful with your fingertips so that you do not hurt them by scraping off the surface of the grater

Butcher Knife

How to Grind Cloves Without a Mortar and Pestle

This is another type of knife called a Butcher knife that shouldn’t be confused with the popular Chef Knife. This knife can be a rescuer when you get stranded with grinders at home. At least, a person that saves your stomach can save your life.

This process is fantastic for spices such as coriander, peppercorn, or salt, and Cloves are not excluded.

How it works

  • Get a chopping board and clean it up to avoid dust
  • Use the handle of the knife to quickly break the Cloves into pieces as a startup move.
  • Place the flat side of the knife on the Cloves and then cover it (the Knife) with a clean towel to avoid splitting.
  • Place your hand on the knife and start applying pressure to grind the Cloves into pieces.
  • When done, move the chopping board and pour the ground Cloves into a bowl for usage.

The Technique of Sauce Pan

How to Grind Cloves Without a Mortar and Pestle

We can’t just come last in all competitions; there must be a way out for every problem. If you don’t have any of the above-mentioned tools, at least you can’t be that poor that you may not have a saucepan, if you don’t have, beg from your nice neighbor.

You need two saucepans to get this done. Are you ready?

How to do it

  • Get a big saucepan, and lay your Cloves in it.
  • Get another smaller saucepan and place it in the bigger one ensuring it is on top of the cloves
  • Apply pressure on the smaller saucepan so that it breaks the Cloves and grinds them
  • The Cloves must be dried and breakable.
  • Grind the Cloves until you get your desired textures right.

These entire items are very versatile in their own way. They are good and suitable for grinding as alternatives to Mortar and Pestle.

Have you tried using any of these to grind your cloves? How did it go? Care to share with us?

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