What Food Processor Does Gordon Ramsay Use

Anyone who is considered a chef is one that is the head of the kitchen. Great cooks or lover of kitchen equipment look up to well-known chefs for recommendations or role modeling.

The word Chef is coined from the french language and refers to professional cooks who are certified and expert at what they do. They are usually equipped with the experience to decern the best kitchen appliances that work for particular food prep.

And yes, chefs do use food processors. But not just the regular food processors. For you to be good like them, you need to have an idea of the type of food processors and other kitchen appliances that they use.

If you want to know the real type of food processor that Gordon Ramsay, a renowned chef and role model to many cooks out there, uses then you are at the right place.

Also, have it at the back of your mind as you read on that smart chef like Gordon Ramsay is held with the highest regard in the culinary industry and a trained culinary professional.

This should give you the idea that he is an extremely busy individual and does whatever he can to save time and avoid redundant work. This includes using his special kind of food processor.

So, what food processor does a chef like Gordon Ramsay use?

What Food Processor Does Gordon Ramsay Use

Gordon Ramsay pro food processor

The Gordon Ramsay professional food processor is the answer. It is an all-in-one food processor that we believe makes the food prep task easier for him.

One of the essential tips for cooking like Ramsay is having the right equipment and this Gordon Ramsay professional food processor is one of the appliances you need.

The Gordon Ramsay Food processor allows him to make light work of those kitchen tasks in his working space and will be a great addition to your kitchen.

We also believe that this is one of the appliance used that allows the award-winning chef to know how to get those kitchen tasks done quickly and easily.

Similarly, you can become a master chef on your own with this food processor and we are going to show you why he prefers this one among other top food processors in the market.

The major features of the Gordon Ramsay professional food processor that makes it a top choice for award-winning chefs are that it is designed with a food processor and blender combined, a unique blender with handy Mill attachment, as well as a Blend ‘n’ Blitz that makes it a multi-functional blender and food processor combine.

These features inspired the user to make more food recipes in a clinch with great professionalism.

The special features of the food processor Gordon Ramsay use

The Gordon Ramsay professional food processor is equipped with a Powerful Direct drive induction motor that makes the food processor work like a beast and ready for any kind of food prep task.

Also, the 2-liter bowl capacity is more than enough and ideal for processing a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and cheeses. With this, professional chefs can carry out their work for large quantities without wasting time.

The Gordon Ramsay professional food processor also comes with a processing blade, grating blade, and shredding disc to slice, julienne, grate, shave, emulsify and shred.

This function for all the food prep tasks you are going to think of. It will cover almost all the cooking prep for any recipe.

I’m sure you are realizing why you think Gordon Ramsay cooks without the hassle and gets an excellent result. Thanks to the equipment he uses like this food processor.

Speaking about the excellent results, the food processor features Single speed and a pulse control that allows him to control the texture of the food. While the food processor is backed by a Two-year guarantee, this passionate appliance is a no-nonsense approach in the kitchen is legendary.

This processor provides excellent results just like the man himself and if you want to make an excellent cooking performance like Gordon Ramsay, this is a good place to look.

You have ever wondered how he also keeps his work surface tidy and safe? And also how he doesn’t lose his attachments? Well thanks to the storage drawer that comes with this food processor, it has been provided to keep the processing discs, shredding blade, and spatula always within easy reach.

The package of this product comes with one Gordon Ramsay professional food processor, one processing blade, one grating disc, one shredding disc, and a spatula. For newbies, the product comes with an Instruction manual to guide you on how to assemble, use, clean, and maintain the appliance just as the way the man himself does it in his kitchen

Why does Gordon Ramsay use such a food processor?

After all the special details of this special food processor have been shared, you may still wonder why an award-winning chef would choose such an appliance. Well, there are several benefits that one stands to gain using this food processor.

Other famous chefs may have their preferred type of food processor, but this one is still considered as one of the best recommended for modern-day cookers.

With this appliance, the chef can relax and enjoy the fruits of his or her labor. Food processors are becoming indispensable for modern chefs and here are the reasons why: attached to the reasons why Gordon Ramsay chooses to use this special food processor.

  • The first reason may not apply to famous chefs like Gordon but if you should consider being on a budget as a chef, then this food processor will help you in saving cost.
  • Also, the appliance helps him to make tantalizing foods that are much healthier
  • This food processor enables chefs like Gordon Ramsay to serve equal portions because they understand that the Presentation of a meal is just as important as the taste.
  • It will be much easier and professional to use food processors like the Gordon Ramsay pro food processor for pureeing special sauces, glazes, and toppings.

What cookware does Gordon Ramsay use?

In the light that we have been told by the legendary chef himself that to cook like him, the first step is to have the right equipment.

One of the requirements that Gordon Ramsay gives us is that we should not settle for less quality or low-powered appliances because they are likely not to last, and even if they manage to, you will not always get the best result.

You may also be interested in knowing the type of cookware that Gordon Ramsay uses. Cookware is assorted objects like pots and pans used for cooking. In connection, the material and quality of the material used to make the pan are actually what provides even heating and control in cooking.

So to answer the question, Gordon Ramsay uses ScanPan brand pans in his cooking series MasterClass. We have noticed that these types of pans are not only high quality but also nonstick pans with a thick, heavy base. Pans like these are best in delivering even heat.

Special details the type of cookwares Gordon Ramsay uses

Here is the recommendation from Gordon Ramsay, if you are going to use his type of cookwares

  1. A12″ pan for general frying.
  2. A2 to 4 qt. and a 6 to 8 qt. saucepans for Sautéing
  3. An8″ nonstick frying pan for eggs, omelets

So we have also helped you with the research on this as it may be difficult to pick the best from tons of options in the market that may be glittering but are not the gold you are looking for. So here are the two cookwares we have discovered after exhaustive research. They are used by Gordon Ramsay and delivers the perfect performance for the job.

Cuisinart MCP-12N Multiclad 12-Piece Cookware Set for Professionals – stainless steel


About product

This is a very elegant and total packaged cookware set that wins the heart of most professional chefs. The Multiclad Pro line from Cuisinart is made up of deluxe cookware especially for the professional home chef.

The handsome brush finish of the 18/10 stainless steel pots and pans exterior is elegant. It also features a mirror-polished interior for non-reactive, quick release of foods, and the appliance is safe for boiler use

Reasons why it is used by award-winning chefs

We believe that this product is not just like other cookware set for basics. With this set, you can take a professional approach towards making oatmeal and even bechamel sauce. Thanks to the 1.5 & 3-quart saucepan with a lid.

Chefs also value the 8- and 10-inch open skillets that helps greatly in achieving the perfect grilled cheese, hamburgers, and crepes. The same level of value goes to the 3.5-quart covered saute pan with a cover that works excellently for braising meats and cooking fish fillets. While the set is Dishwasher-safe, it has no plastic to melt, and will surely last long

Gotham Steel 13 Piece Premium Hard Anodized Cookwar




About product

 Being the first product of its class that is equipped with the high-grade titanium and ceramic as surface finishing. This has gained it a very good spot on the list of the best set of cookware for professional chefs. It is indeed a sophisticated cookware that delivers maximal durability and multiple functionalities.

Reasons why it is used by award-winning chefs

First of all, it is a choice for Titanium plus ceramic coating lovers. It also features a non-stick surface that cleans super easy! You can use this cookware set for a lot of things in the kitchen ranging from stove-top cooking to baking!

This sophisticated cookware set comes with an 8-inch frying pan, 10-inch frying pan, 12-Inch frying pan, 1. 5 qtr. saucepan with lid, 2. 5 qtr. saucepan with lid, 3 qtr. chef’s pan with lid, 3 qtr. saucepan with a lid and 6 qtr. All of them are rustproof

What set of kitchen knife does Gordon Ramsay use? 

When it comes to knives for cooking, professional chefs like Gordon Ramsay understands the importance of personal selection to get the best set that works for every knife needed functions.

So, if you are interested in doing things as perfect as Gordon Ramsay with a knife in the kitchen, you may be interested in knowing the type of kitchen Knife that he uses.

So to answer your question, Gordon Ramsay makes use of Henckels Pro S Chef Knife and Wusthof Classic knives brand. Other fantastic knives used by other renowned chefs includes Messermeister Meridian Chef Knife, MAC Professional Series Chef Knife with Dimples, and the Shun Classic Chef Knife

Details of the type of knives Gordon Ramsay uses

The types of kitchen knives that Gordon Ramsay uses which are Wusthof Classic knives brand are made of proprietary special formula steel that has been perfected for over 280 years. He uses these special kinds of knives that have the Zwilling’s signature ice-hardening technique.

He also considers the four blades as they are harder, sharper, and will not stain or chip. What makes the knives special is that they are honed and hand-finished by the most skilled artisans.

His choice is also based on the sturdiness and right balance of the knife handle for optimum balance and safe handling.

The tradition and quality of these impressive knives are trusted by not just Gordon Ramsay but also other Professional chefs worldwide.

Choosing the best kitchen knife – chef advice

We are going to show you a few important tips to incorporate when deciding on the type of kitchen knife set you want to choose as an average cook or professional home chef.

  1. The first thing you want to do is to hold the knife in your hand to test how comfortable you are with handling it.
  2. By doing this, you are also examining the weight of the knife as well as the balance
  3. Do not also forget to take a look at the hilt of the knife and how much steel is in the knife
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