Best Electric Sausage Making Machine for Home Use (2021 Picks)

Anyone who loves making homemade meat sausage would definitely love to have the best electric sausage-making machine. Are you struggling for a choice in getting a top electric sausage-making machine for your use?

We’ve got you covered. I have some monster machines that can take care of every bit of work you need to prepare your sausage, no matter how tedious you think they could be.

Are you ready to explore these powerful sausage-making machines? Here we go then.

Best Electric Sausage Making Machine for Home Use – Detailed Review

Image of ProductName of ProductWhere to Get it
Electric Meat GrinderCHECK ON AMAZON
Gourmia GMG525 meat grinderCHECK ON AMAZON
Electric Meat MincerCHECKK ON AMAZON

Electric Meat Grinder for Home Use


If you want to make sausage from scratch and you’re in need of an easy and straightforward machine to use, then this home sausage maker is the ideal device for you.

Although this is technically called a meat grinder, if you understand how the sausage is made you would understand why this device is the most convenient.


  • This meat grinder/sausage maker is equipped with a powerful 575W motor, which allows you to process 3 pounds of meat per minute in the comfort of your home.
  • The gears and blades are all made with stainless steel metal, which is not going to rust over time.
  • This machine features multiple accessories like The food pusher, Grinding steel blades for a variety of thicknesses, and the sausage stuffing nozzle. Making it very versatile.


  • It is easy to assemble and disassemble which makes it really easy to clean after use.
  • It is very versatile, you can use it to make sausage, grind meat for burgers and meatloaf.
  • The stainless steel material makes it highly durable.


  • Some customer views on Amazon consistently complain about the fact that the nozzles clog easily after being used for extended periods.

Gourmia GMG525 meat grinder


The Gourmia meat grinder is fast and efficient for every type of meat processing including sausage making. Breakfast meals have never been easier with this piece of machinery, the ease with which it allows you to make your own “homemade” sausages is simply amazing.

It is a powerful and effective machine that will help you get the work done, easy to operate and use. Making breakfast food shouldn’t be complicated.


  • EQUIPPED WITH 3 BLADES: It is equipped with 3 blades for grinding meat to a variety of textures/consistency. From Fine to Medium to Coarse.
  • POWER: It requires a power input of 500/1000W.
  • 3-WAY SWITCH: It has a 3-way switch that regulates the machine between on, off, and reverse.
  • ACCESSORIES: It is equipped with a food pusher accessory as well as a sausage stuffer nozzle for making sausages.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighing just 6.8 pounds, this machine can be easily moved when you need to use it.


  • This machine is amazing because it is versatile, you can use it to grind meat and also make sausage.
  • It is super easy to assemble, with the easy-to-follow manual, assembling the components of this machine is relatively a breeze.
  • Cleaning this machine is very easy.


  • A customer view on Amazon stated that the metal gears easily wear and tear over time.

Electric Meat Mincer & Sausage Stuffer


For most people, making their own sausage is considered a huge flex. I understand the appeal because sausages are delicious and need a level of skill and finesse to get it perfectly made.

To make your job easier, you need a device to speed up the process. This 3-in-1 electric meat grinder, mincer, and sausage stuffer is most Ideal to get the job done.


  • COPPER MOTOR: It is equipped with a powerful copper motor that has a power output of up to 800W – 2000W max. The motor is highly durable and has a noise reduction feature that allows the machine to run smoothly and with less noise.
  • 3-IN-1: This machine is known for its versatility, it can be used to mincemeat, cut, and grind meat to your desired consistency and also can be used to stuff sausages. It also can act as a type of extruder, you can mince garlic, onions, and other vegetables with the “food pusher”.
  • 3 WAY SWITCH: This machine has a 3-way switch that can be used to turn it off and on as well as reverse the direction of the gear, to unclog when it’s jammed.
  • ACCESSORIES: It comes with multiple detachable accessories that are fitted whenever you want to carry out a particular task. E.g, the sausage stuffer nozzle.


  • It is very easy to clean because it’s so simple to disassemble the components. Cleaning this machine is relatively easy.
  • It is super easy to use. It even has a 5-star rating on Amazon for “ease of use”. That tells a story.
  • You may want a sausage maker, however, with this machine, you also get a meat grinder and mincer for the price of one.


  • Some customer reviews state that it tends to overheat a bit when used for extended periods at a time.

Sunmile SM-G50 ETL Electric Meat Grinder

Best Electric Sausage Making Machine


Definitely, this product is going to do a great job for you. I can see that customers are telling great stories about it. so, if you want to buy a good commercial meat grinder for home use, this is good enough to make you smile.

The product’s features

  • It is a product with high power and a strong motor designed with the intention to make your grinding a superb one. The machine features 350W rated power and 1000W maximum locked power.
  • You can use this powerful machine to grind up to 200 pounds of meat per hour and it also comes with a powerful and durable motor and metal gear that makes it none stop machine.
  • The product is made of large-sized meat grinders with a grinder head that enables you to hold and then grind a great amount of meat.
  • The grinder is designed with well-polished cast aluminum. Besides this, it is food grade and ETL certified, so, you are already about to purchase a safety endowed product.
  • When talking about functionality, it can prepare the best meat sausage for you. The meat grind comes with 3 solid stainless steel cutting plates if you wanted coarse, medium or fine texture after grinding.
  • The cutting plates and blades are all dishwasher enabled. Before I continue, do you know that this product is also made of the following parts: e3 variable stainless steel cutting plates, 1 stainless steel cutting blade, 1 plastic food pusher, 1 sausage stuff maker
  • It is a product that is easy to operate because it has a key switch for on and off and then reserve key which enables it to easily start and reserve when the need arises.
  • This powerful machine is also made of a circuit breaker that can help to prevent the motor from burning out. If you want a grinder with ventilation, this is it—it has good ventilation when operating.
  • What about cord storage that is specially designed? You can find that inside the accessories storage.
  • Don’t worry about this product at all because the manufacturers have backed it up besides ETC certified reputation.

I recommend this product because people are buying it and there are lots of positive reviews about it. This means it is a good product that delivers the customer’s needs as expected or better based on how excited the users have been on Amazon.


  • It looks small but in operation, it is mighty based on the testimony of a customer
  • The grinder is super fast and reliable
  • It is amazing because it grinds bones smoothly leaving users astonished after usage because they never expected it can do the job.


  • I didn’t find any negative reviews both locally and internationally at the time of the development of this article.

Our Buyers Guide for electric sausage making machine

This is the most critical part of your purchase which you must take more seriously so that you can get the best product online or offline.

Every product is made by a specific manufacturer and their intention for the production of a machine varies.

You have to define your intention to meet up with what the manufacturers have in stock. This buyer’s guide will lead you to get the best sausage stuffer grinding machine that will be suitable for home use.

What do you want and the purpose

It is normal that before you leave your house to get something in the market; you are going there with a predetermined reason.

The same thing is applicable when you want to buy a product on Amazon or any other platform. Do you want this meat grinder for sausage stuffing? If yes, you can go for any of the reviewed products above.

The meat grinder that you want to purchase is for personal use or for a small or large family? This question will immediately determine the size expected of you to buy.

The mistake many people make is that they go to the market to get things just because others are getting it.

If you are the type, you will always regret getting a product because it is not useful to you. This is why I want you to first sit, think deeply, and then find a good reason to purchase an electric sausage maker machine.

Consider the ratings and price

Sometimes, ratings alone cannot determine why you should buy a product. There are some super expensive products, whose ratings are not high, it doesn’t mean they are not perfect for the job.

The problem is that people may not be financially buoyant enough to get them. So, if you have the money to get an expensive product, in as much as you are satisfied that it will do your desired work, buy it.

Customer reviews

I advise that you should focus more on positive reviews than negative ones. The reason is that, with my experience, I realized that most of the negative reviews are based on the emotional stand.

A lot of customers who gave negative reviews about a product came back to praise it after their problem has been fixed by the manufacturers of a product.

On the other hand, a positive review is more reliable because there is no point in trying to impress anyone when your machine is not working well.

The motor power

Don’t just buy a product except that it meets your predetermined desire to buy it. What kind of product are you searching for, the one with low power or a higher power?

Definitely, you will not like to go for a low motor power product of this nature reviewed, you will be disappointed.

The blade and other accessories of the product

The blade is another big factor to consider before purchasing a product. It is very important you get it right here.

A grinder is expected to have a rustproof blade made either of aluminum or stainless steel, preferably for safety purposes. You should ensure that your grinder comes with accessories such as a knife, blades, plates, coarse and fine plates, large capacity pan, tray, and so on.

The body of your product

The body of the product you are about to purchase is very necessary.  The body preferably should be made of stainless steel material for easy cleaning and longevity.

If you observe most of the Kitchener products, you will realize that the meat grinders are made mostly of stainless steel, including the entire parts that come with it.

The processing Speed

If you must forget any other features, don’t forget this very one at all. The processing speed of a grinder saves your time and energy, in fact, it spares grumbles from your kits, kids, or your stomach will not rumble for too long if you are using it for sausage you want to eat.

The processing power is determined by the power of the grinder’s motor. Look for grinders with 500 watts motors and above for perfect meat grinding experience.

Easy to Clean and use

Ensure you purchase a product that is easy to clean. I have read some customer’s reviews being excited about a product just because it is easy to clean and use.

These two features should be part of your target while planning to purchase your product. Study the selected guides carefully before buying your meat grinders in the market.

It is very necessary for a good purchase and money value sake.

How to make sausage in an electric sausage making machine

For the scope of this article, the equipment needed for making sausage includes An electric grinder, food mixer to mix other ingredients though optional because the mixing can be done with the hand.

You need a stuffer which most of the electric sausage-making machines come with, so, it is not an issue. Get a good meat grinder like the ones reviewed; determine how you want your sausage look – Coarse or fine?

Some machines feature medium texture, so you may want your meat to be ground in a medium texture too. Pour the meat batch by batch depending on how plenty you want it to be.

Start grinding as indicated in the user manual for a more accurate grinding experience. You can decide to grind the meat two times depending on your desire.

Final words on Best Electric Sausage Making Machine for Home Use

If you are in need of good products that give answers to your grinding experience, these very ones are the best. They have good reputations with the users and as such, it will not be a different story for you too.

Depending on your pre-planned reason to get a product, you can check our buyer’s guide above for more guidelines on how to purchase a product that will satisfy your need. I am recommending the entire product to you because your needs are my priorities.

These products will not disappoint you as they didn’t disappoint other users. I will like to comment on the motor power of a grinder once more. Don’t get it wrong here.

When a machine is not powerful, it cannot deliver. Always ensure that your product has a motor power of 500 watts and above.

What is your take on this article, I will like to read your opinions in the comment box? If at all there is a way we can improve this article, you can also alert us to serve you better.