Best Coffee Grinder for Nuts – 2022 Detailed Review

Best Coffee Grinder for Nuts: Nuts come in different forms; it could be walnut, almond nut, coconut, pear nut and many others not mentioned. A nut can be ground or turned into butter, especially in the like of almond.

Our focus on this topic is the best coffee grinder for nuts. This implies that we need a coffee grinder that will do the work of grinding nuts perfectly.

What are the different types of coffee grinder

There are two types of coffee grinders namely

  • The Burr Coffee Grinder
  • Blade coffee grinder

The Burr Coffee

A burr coffee grinder is more popular these days compared to the blade coffee grinder. The reason is that it helps to grind coffee beans evenly. In this case, people have adopted in larger number, unlike the counterpart.

The Blade Grinder

The blade grinder is rated lower compared to the burr grinder. The reason is that people later realized that it cannot grind coffee beans evenly.

What are we talking about here? Does it mean we cannot use the blade grinder effectively on nut too?

It isn’t so. Blade coffee grinder works like spice grinders so, using it to grind nuts is not bad.

Kinds of Coffee Grinders

There are also two kinds of coffee grinders which are:

  • Electric coffee grinder
  • Manual coffee grinder

The Electric Coffee Grinder

The electric coffee grinder can be classified into two types, the burr, and the blade. It is faster and easier to use compared to the manual kind.

An electric coffee grinder has a lot of control buttons which makes you be in control of what you grind.

But it has a major disadvantage. The speed at which an electric coffee grinder grinds causes heat that affects the beans.

However, don’t forget that our aim of using a coffee grinder is to grind nuts.

Recommendations for Electric Grinder

ImageNameWhere to Buy it
De Longhi Coffee GrinderCheck on Amazon
De'Longhi La Specialista EspressoCheck on Amazon

Manual Coffee Grinder

This is a nonelectric grinder. It is manually used by hand to grind coffee beans and other ingredients as may be put in it.

A manual coffee grinder is slower which makes it a perfect device for grinding coffee beans due to a much-reduced heat that comes with the operation.

Now, we both know the different types and kinds of coffee grinders available for our reach against any time we need them, can we now see how to do the review for the best one you can use to grind your nuts?

Recommendation for Manual Coffee Grinders

ImageName Where to Buy it
Heihox Manual Grinder Steel BurrCheck on Amazon
1Zpresso Q2 Manual Coffee GrinderCheck on Amazon

Best Coffee Grinders for Nuts – Detailed Review

Your first choice in grinding nuts is a good grinder, especially spice grinders but if you can’t lay your hand on a spice grinder, the best alternative is a coffee grinder either burr or blade, the both will do great jobs for your ingredient.

De Longhi Electric Coffee Grinder


De Longhi is a powerful coffee machine that’s is expensive and yet has over 1000 reviews currently. I am lucky to have come across this grinder for you.

This grinder is a multi-purpose grinder which means it can grind other things apart from the coffee it is made for.  Another amazing thing about this grinder is that it is a burr coffee grinder.

It can grind your nuts or ingredients evenly and then leave you smiling. Here are some of the features of the grinder:

The Features of the Grinder

  • It is a “Cappuccino System “. Such a system can mix steam and milk to create a rich creamy froth for your enjoyment.
  • It is a system that is made of easy to use rotary and push-button control panel programmed with menu settings.
  • It comes with a beans container capacity of 8.8 ounces, coffee grounds container of 14- cups, or after 72 hours when first used.
  • The cup has a maximum height of 4.25 inches. Input power 1350 watts, a wonderful feature for a coffee burr grinder.
  • It can grind beans with instance features, compact and easy to use, and clean. It can also brew system.
  • You can use it to make delicious expresso for your enjoyment.
  • If you need beans with less visible oil, medium roast settings will do the magic.
  • Use your favourite coffee beans to create your perfect espresso.
  • When it comes to cleaning, it is very easy to clean compared to other brands that require chemicals to be cleaned monthly, so this is one special feature you should know about.
  • It has energy saving with 3 hours shut down is enabled in the powerful machine grinder.

I am recommending this product for you as one that will meet up to your desire, and you will enjoy it for the fullest.

Pros of the Product

  • It is a machine that works steadily without any issue for as long as 3 years
  • It is easy to use and clean
  • It is a powerful machine with 1350 watts

Cons of the Product

  • It stops working after 8 months of constant work
  • The motor suddenly jammed.

De’Longhi La Specialista Espresso


This is another model of De’ Longhi, it is more powerful than the first one reviewed above. This means, investing in this type of an electric coffee grinder, you will get the most out of it, and in the end, your cash value will be added.

The Features of the Product

  • It is made of sensor grinding technology which helps to deliver precise consistent grinding and the best those for your espresso at any moment you want it.
  • The bean sensor that comes with it will never let you run out of beans while you do your grinding
  • It is designed with a stamping station which helps to pull the lever stamp to the ground coffee with the appropriate pressure needed for a perfect result.
  • It is made of a filter that is not necessary that you remove so that it can prevent mess during grinding of your ingredient.
  • It is made of a dual heating system that handles the power of temperature control to it. so, if you want a good coffee extraction with correct milk texturing, this is the best product you should go for.
  • The heating system it is made of is two and independent of each other. One is thermo-block for coffee extraction and the other one is an independent heating system used in steaming milk or frothing.
  • As an advanced system, you can choose your style of froth. There are various types of frothing it can operate upon such as micro-foam frothing for latte art or rich froth for a cappuccino.
  • It is a machine that enables you to choose between foam and flat by placing your hand under the coffee grinder’s spout.
  • It is endowed with a 1-second speedy start. All you need is power on the machine and then start grinding your dose and then brew your excellent espresso.
  • You don’t need to wait while trying to steam your milk, this model is made of a second heating system that does the job for you.
  • What about the hot water spout? It is one of the reasons why it is convenience for you to use. The spout is designed in a way that allows it to supply hot water for making tea without the residue of a coffee taster.
  • It comes with 2 years warranty, plus 1 additional year warranty if you register the machine.
  • There is a milk pitcher, descaling solution, and cleaning brush that comes as an attachment.

I recommend this powerful coffee grinder to you because it will perform a great job when it comes to being grinding coffee beans and other ingredients such as nuts.

Pros of the Product

  • It gives coffee powder with an outstanding taste
  • The setup is very simple
  • It brings out strong flavour from your coffee bean, so going for it is perfect

Cons of the Product

  • A customer complained that the water sensor stopped working after 6 months of light use
  • It stopped steaming and grinding coffee beans after 5 days of use.

Heihox Manual Grinder Steel Burr


Heihox manual grinder steel burr is one ideal grinder that has won the heart of many customers in a unique way. I could see how customers are happy giving lots of testimonies about the grinder as it is one of the best they have used with less noise, no overheating, and convenient for use.

It comes with some amazing features that I want you to observe by yourself.

The Product’s Features

  • A manual coffee grinder with exceptional features made of food-grade materials of stainless steel and aluminium.
  • Talking about economic friendly and durability, the product has ceased the glory for itself alone.
  • It is a burr manual grinder that has been tested through professional level inspections so that it can last longer than a blade grinder.
  • Unlike a blade grinder, this burr grinder helps you grind your beans evenly without leaving a single burn due to the less heat it uses to operate.
  • If you need a more delicious and balanced cup of coffee, this is the best you should go for; it does your job perfectly more than the metal blades grinders.
  • You don’t need to strain your hands too much as it is capable of grinding your coffee smoothly and crunchy—this makes the grinding process enjoyable.
  • It has a built-in cover magnet whose function is to prevent drop and then protect the user and the handle.
  • The machine is excellent as it is made of an adjustable selector. It is a conical burr coffee grinder that comes with better features than an average coffee grinder you know.
  • The adjustable grind selector is built-in and its function is to enable you to fine-tune it to produce coarseness as you desire.
  • If you need a perfect size for your coffee size, all you need is to turn the knob clockwise or anti-clockwise.
  • It is a portable machine that doesn’t need electricity or batteries’ power to work or operate. What about the super-lightweight? It is really amazing.
  • With this lightweight, you can take your coffee grinder to anywhere as you wish. It could on camping, outdoors, vacations or trips, it doesn’t matter.
  • The coffee grinder is made of a non-slip mat beneath it that helps to hold it firm on the floor as you make use of it.
  • It comes with one black silicone sleeve, soft hand-feel, and skid resistance.
  • It is easy to remove and reduced noise. It is convenient—a removable hand crank mechanism endowed machine which consistently eliminates over 90% of the supposed noise compared to an electric grinder.
  • It is so quiet that you can use it in the middle of the night without disturbing your spouse or kids while they are far asleep.
  • Another fantastic feature it has is that it is removable, and easy to clean. It doesn’t stop while grinding. This is an amazing feature a coffee grinder should have.

I recommend the product to you because many people have used it and came up with good testimonies about it.

Pros of the Product

  • It delivers its job as expected
  • It is an outstanding product to have in the kitchen
  • It is a well-made and sturdy machine for grinding coffee beans

Cons of the Product

  • It only looks good, it doesn’t deliver, complained by a customer.

1Zpresso Q2 Manual Coffee Grinder


If you are interested in saving space or want your hand free of heavy machine lifting, just get this coffee grinder straight away. I want you to give a careful look at this product; it will give you a premium experience without a doubt.

The Product’s Features

  • You don’t need to get yourself a bulky machine anymore since a simpler and lighter one can do the job for you.
  • The coffee grinder takes a little space of 4.6 by 13.8 cm under 400g wright, smaller in size compared to a can of soft drink and this feature makes it easier and comfortable to grip and then sweet grinding accomplish it.
  • It is a premium product despite the size it comes with dual bearing and triaxial design. The stability is increased for better consistency of the grind.
  • It is made of over 60 clicks for the generating settings.
  • You can take this product anywhere you like since it is portable and light in weight.
  • You can unscrew the entire body when you want to give it a general cleaning. So, separate every part easily without any screw or tool. There is no need for you to recalibrate.

Coffee Grinder for Grinding Nuts – Buyer’s Guide

The Grind Size

This is one of the most important parts of a coffee grinder. You have to get it right based on your pre-planned reason for buying it.

The main purpose of getting it right here is that a good grind size will give you high-quality coffee taste.

The grind size is the thickness or thinness of a coffee grinder’s ground. If the ground is fine, it will be hard for water to filter it.

That’s why the finer grounds are normally used to make espresso, and the extra-fine ones are used to make coffee such as Turkish.

Conical or Flat Burr Grinder

You need to understand the difference between a flat burr coffee grinder and the blade type. Most people think that they are made the same, but it is not true.

They only do the same job with a slight difference which makes one far better than the other.

If you need your coffee beans or any other ingredients such as nuts are ground evenly, I advise you to go for a burr grinder.

Although, the blade grinder is good for nuts if your aim is to use your grinder for grinding coffee in the nearest future, go for the burr type.

The Motor of the Grinder

If the coffee grinder is an electric type, you are to look at the motor power to see if it is high enough for an ideal grinding and speed.

Easy to Use and Clean

Don’t buy a product that is hard to use or clean. What I mean here is that a coffee grinder should not be complicated. It should be very simple and easy to use.

The body should be built in such a way that it doesn’t need a tool before it can be dissembled for cleaning.

Final Words on the Best Coffee Grinder for Nuts

There are many coffee grinders on the amazon store, but these ones I did the reviews are special and has been working perfectly for cash value and good experience.

If you need a coffee grinder as an alternative to grind your nuts, you can get any of these ones above – manual or electric are fantastic in their ways.