What Kind of Food Processor Does Kevin Belton Use

Kevin Belton like most know is an American chef that specializes in the cuisine of New Orleans. He always makes his recipes simple and he has this goal of making cooking not intimidating at all to anyone looking to learn how to make New Orleans style dishes.

Belton is also an educator, author, and television presenter which he does not use any food specialist for or even his cookbooks. He is known for presenting every dish the same way if the average home cook were to have prepared it.

Kevin Belton Food Processor. What is it?

When it comes to food processors, Kevin Belton uses the ninja food processor from the Ninja brand. He can be seen in most home videos (although he rarely cooks at home) processing away with the Ninja food processor.

It is certain he fancies the Ninja products as he also makes use of the Ninja blender too.

Features that make the Kelvin Belton food processor great

The ninja food processor has some of these features:

  • This processor makes food preparation easier and delivers uniform chopping. the ninja food processor saves you from worrying about liquifying while you only just want to chop them or leaving large unprocessed chunks on the top. It chops the ingredients quickly and effectively
  • When it comes to folding dough, it does it steadily and mixes the batter evenly to create pies, pizza, cookies, and everything you can think of. Along with  this, it shreds foods and ingredients in no time
  • You are certain of getting consistent result no matter what you are chopping or the size of what you are chopping be it a few garlic cloves or even a whole bowl of ingredients
  • Ninja food processors are easy to clean and use. All you need to do to clean it is put warm water inside it and add some drops of dish soap then pulse, this will clean up the bowl and blade. It is also dishwasher safe.
  • It has an easy auto iQ preset program that makes everything easy and works just by the touch of a button. From making smooth sauces, shredding/chopping to making dough, it is already preset.

One of the reasons Kevin Belton uses this food processor is because it gets the job done effectively, safely, and quickly.

The Ninja food processor is of top-notch quality, sturdy, and easy to clean.  You would find him processing ingredients, making cream to much more with the food processor.

At age six, Kevin Belton had his first cooking experience while helping his grandmother and mom in the kitchen. Little thing to note is that the first-ever food he learned how to prepare was scrambled eggs and from his mother and grandmother.

He learned how to prepare creole and Cajun. He later went on to become a self-taught chef. Kevin Belton is popular in his area as the instructor for the New Orleans school of cooking for more than three decades now and this is second nature to him.

Why should chefs use the ninja food processor?

The ninja food processor is versatile and has a lot of features. With its powerful motor, it can perform tasks like crushing ice evenly in a matter of seconds and it does this so easily.

Not only does it have a powerful motor, but it also uses an auto iQ boost technology with preset functions. This ensures the consistency and texture of the food you are processing as it allows for suitable rotation per minute.

So, whenever you are processing a vegetable, it would not liquefy it but give you the exact texture you are looking for.

The ninja food processors are noted for their high rated vertical blades and this makes them unique. The consistency of the food or ingredient being processed is determined by the blade.

The majority of the new model of ninja food processor comes with attachments that let you mix and knead the dough and all these features combined let you create exciting and fun meals to satisfy yourself or whoever is eating.

There would not be much needed for knives in the kitchen with the ninja food processor around.

You can chop and dice away endlessly. The ninja food processor does this effectively and you do not have to get teary while chopping onions or diving garlic.

All you have to simply do is put the ingredients in the food processor and process away. Most good processors and blenders cannot even come close to making ice cream, but the best ninja food processor can prepare ice cream.

It can also effectively shave ice into the snow to use in smooth drinks or shakes. With this food processor, chopping, diving, and much more will be quick and consistent.

The parts of the ninja food processor can be changed from time to time with the different attachments and this all depends on what you want to process or prepare.

Let’s say you want to make any juice then the juice extractor will the work of processing your ingredient whole even if it came right out of the freezer without melting it while in the case of making dough, cookies, or pies, the mixer attachment is used.

The ninja food processor not only has all these amazing features but it can help improve your life in so many ways. This food processor takes the hard work out of your cooking preparation and turns it into a fun activity allowing you to live the healthy lifestyle you want.

You might be craving a particular meal but dread the preparation, cleaning, and elaborate planning then the ninja food processor is what you need as it lets you do all that in a short amount of time.

Final words

In conclusion, it is not a secret as to why Kevin Belton chooses to use the ninja food processor and the ninja food processor is pocket friendly. It allows you to perform various duties with its very powerful motor and sharp blades.

The ninja food processor has gained praise as a kitchen appliance and competes along with other high brands. So overall, the ninja food processor is that kitchen appliance that you should have.

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