What is the Best Meat to Grind for Burger

In this article, we will be looking at the best meat for you to grind for a burger. This will be something that you need to know especially if you are a burger lover.

Best meat suitable to grind for a burger

Honestly, there are six types of meat that are best for burgers. When ground properly, will give you a feeling of ecstasy after the delicious taste.

Chuck Cut

Best Meat to Grind for Burger

Have you heard of Chuck meat before? (Jovial Question). One of the best meat in the market for making burgers is this chuck cut meat. It got its name because it is a meat cut with an economical approach.

It is cut from the upper shoulder of cows. In fact, most of the burgers you eat out there are made from the chuck cut.  If that’s the case, I am recommending this as the best choice to grind for burgers.

One other reason why I prefer chuck meat when making burgers is that it has this unique buttery melt flavor once you bite it. So, this makes your burger one of the best and most delicious in the world.

The chuck cut meat to fat ratio is perfect I.e. 80 is to 20. Remember, you don’t want to eat meat with higher fat. This is a perfect choice of meats to make a yummy burger but be careful so you don’t bite your finger. A classic burger is the one made from chuck cut that is delicious and not greasy.

Note: the store name for cuckold cut is chuck pot roast.

Brisket cut

Best Meat to Grind for Burger

What about the brisket cut? Wow, another delicious kind of meat to make a delicious burger. I promise you will lick your fingers after eating burgers made from this awesome meat. Another name for brisket cut is blue-collar cut.  This is normally gotten from the chest part of the cow. It is one of the best parts you can ever cut from the cow meat.

The meat does not cost so, you can always go for it if there is no much cash to purchase chuck cut or any other more expensive stuff. You can be more creative with this meat since it can be roasted braised and then boiled.

The meat is unique in its taste, it comes with a slightly sour taste, grassy meaty flavor but the fat content is much-compared chuck cut whose fat content is reduced.

This type of meat is fantastic when making a good meat and potatoes kind of burger. Don’t forget to grind brisket cut properly so that the interconnected tough tissues. The store label brisket cut is flat cut.

Sirloin Cut

Best Meat to Grind for Burger

This is the part mostly known as the back region of the cow. The area is a kind of complex with various cuts and several tastes. If your mission is to make a classic and delicious meal, don’t go past Sirloin, this is a high class or supreme cut compared to other sirloin area parts.

The beefiness of your burgers is achievable by making this sirloin cut your choice. The taste is slightly sour, grassy and it had a medium flavor. Sirloin is healthier compared to chuck meat. In health-wise, I will say, it is the best.  The ratio of meat today is 90 is to 10.

Round Meat

Best Meat to Grind for Burger

This is normally found around the rear leg of cows. It is not expensive and yet healthy due to its low meat to cow ratio which is 85:15. You should know that the meat is tough to cook but the best for making delicious burgers.

You may not like fat in your burgers, this is the best meat you should use for your burgers, it is just the perfect meat for that purpose. A burger with great taste is made from round cut meat, especially when mixed with chuck cut. The label name is top cut.

Hanger Cut

Best Meat to Grind for Burger

This is a steak gotten from the diaphragm of a cow. It is great f9r burgers too. It is cheap to get and delicious in taste.

This meat cut has a medium fat content and healthy for an option for making burgers. It is a meaty, cheesy, and an interesting overtone.

The Shirt Eye Rib Cut

This is the last option; it is cut from the short part of the rib of the cow and the loin area of the cow. The cut is great for your burger and as well add value to it.

Is nut-like flavor your next target in that delicious burger you are dreaming of? The short eye rib cut has the taste. Sans, grassy tastes are also incredibly included in the meat cut. The cut is very healthy as it is if higher meat to fat ratio. This gives you a good taste of burgers. The nature of the meat enables it to stay wet after the burgers are cooked.

How to Make Meat Burger

Let us see how you can make your own burger at home since you have to make on your own based on the scope of this article.  What are those vital steps you must follow to make this dream a reality? Follow this simple guide:

Things you need

  • Ground meat
  • A meat grinder, in this scope a mortar and pestle
  • Bowl to collect the ground meat if it was not bought ground

The steps to follow

  • Collect the ground meat and place in a bowl: apply salt, pepper, and other ingredients you are creative about to your burgers, say you are using the round cut.
  • Give your burgers the patties shape they deserve—whatever size you want.
  • Grill your burgers with oil, you can choose to cast it with an iron cast and then cook for up to 125-degree minutes.
  • Add the cheese you must have prepared and then toast your buns as desired. You can choose the popular shape for commercial purposes or any shape for personal use.
  • Allow the cheese to melt for a more delicious experience.
  • Ensure that the burgers are well-cooked to avoid biting or eating raw meat.

Reasons why you should grind your meat by yourself

To save money

Instead of taking your meat to the butcher to slide or cut before grinding which will attract huge amounts of money, or buying ground meat that is overpriced, it is wise for you to have a meat grinder or mortar and pestle at home to grind the meat.

Healthier meat

The owner of the body will prefer to put good things into it. As a person, grinding your meat will be done in such a way that the meats stay healthy. Unlike when you buy ground meat you don’t even know how it was made.

Another reason why you should grind your meat is that the ground meat in the store is contaminated by chemicals, that can be harmful to your health.

Chemicals such as nitrogen are not always absent in such meats. The constant outbreak of E. Coli and salmonella associated with commercial ground meat is a loud sound that those meats are always exposed to poor sanitary conditions.

If you ground your meat, you are rest assured that it is done in a safe and healthy environment, therefore you will have good meat for your burgers.

You can always get great flavor

When you get to the butcher shop, get the fresh meat you are intending to make your burgers with, wash them, take them home and carry out the process of meat grinding using your meat grinder on the same day.

If done perfectly, you will get the best flavor for your burger. Unlike the ground meat purchased in the store, some of them are there for too long, therefore, if used for a burger will not liberate the best flavor needed.

Now that I have been able to figure out the reason why you should grind your meat at home. I have open the key to informing you of the best meat to grind for burger.

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