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The kitchen or any other cooking space is seen as a place of creation. Food is ART, isn’t it? And the kitchen is the place to master that ART. Haha!

It is our goal to break down whatever difficulties you may encounter while grinding in preparation for your tasty meal, especially one that needs you to reduce hard foods, such as nuts or spices, to fine particles.

From the use of a pestle and mortar to the usage of grinder, blender, food processor and beyond, We have leveraged our experience and extensive research in creating relatable and quality contents that will help you improve, ease up the grinding process encountered by most people who cook.

The act of grinding spices, herbs or ingredients to prepare recipes in the kitchen is almost inevitable for any cook, and there may be difficulties that may accompany these steps.

At grindiit, we go against all odds in unveiling practicable guides on how to grind spices properly, professionally, quickly, and of course, effortlessly.

We also provide comprehensive reviews on quality products that help you in grinding, mixing or shredding spices and ingredients on the internet. This we do for our readers without compromising the quality of our content.

Meet Our Grinding Gurus

ASHE – Lead Content & Research Analyst


Hi, My name is Ashe, and I spend most of my time in the kitchen and here! Cooking is an art that I believe everyone should appreciate.

Having a solid background on Nigerian delicacies and the process of grinding spices in the kitchen, coupled with my keen interest in disclosing handy cooking tips has placed me on the verge of the culinary lifestyle.

I’ve spent the past few years on my life exploring all the facts and figures about cooking and grinding which ranges from personal and corporate research to several culinary programs.

My flair for creating detailed contents and guides that uncover professional culinary and delicacies has exposed me to a plethora of valuable information on grinding stuff in the kitchen.

I hope that you find all of my contributions to this platform really helpful.

Have a nice time.

Malik – Creative Content Writer

I am A. S Abdulmalik, a writer, graphic designer and an all-round content creator. Since I was tender I have developed a great passion for cooking.

I have been learning how to cook African food popularly known for their great and spicy taste. A lot of African food requires that you do a lot of grinding. From Pepper, meat to our local spices, you will surely grind to paste to get your desired flavour.

The grinding process and my experience having to grind for my Mom since when I was young set me up for this journey; to share with you all I have learned grinding African food.

With this passion I have for cooking, I am very sure it will be easier for me to passionately bring information for you as guidelines for you to know and learn about grinding tools and equipment suitable for your kitchen.


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Our uniqueness is not about the information we give. It is about how we disseminate it to you at the very best!

You can reach out to us via our email, grindiit1@gmail.com if you have any questions.

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