Can You Slice Ham with a Mandolin?

Yes, you can slice ham with a mandolin. Most mandolins that people own are more ideal for slicing harder foods like vegetables, cheese instead of meat since the whole process involves doing a push and cut. I have noticed that slicing the ham if it is not partially frozen with a mandolin will do a … Read more

How Do You Separate Frozen Meat Without Thawing It

Before we get into the details of separating frozen meat without thawing. Check out my top 5 ways to separate frozen meat without thawing it. Method one: Use a butcher saw Method two: Use an electric or manual meat slicer Method three: Use a meat cleaver Method four: Use a rubber mallet and a chef’s … Read more

What Kind of Food Processor Does Kevin Belton Use

What Kind of Food Processor Does Kevin Belton Use

Kevin Belton like most know is an American chef that specializes in the cuisine of New Orleans. He always makes his recipes simple and he has this goal of making cooking not intimidating at all to anyone looking to learn how to make New Orleans style dishes. Belton is also an educator, author, and television … Read more

What Cookware Does Gordon Ramsay Use

What Cookware Does Gordon Ramsay Use

If you want to become a great chef like Gordon Ramsay, then you need to consider the cookware he uses. Apart from having the right skill, knowledge and great recipes. Having the right kitchen essentials can make your cooking a ton better, and that is exactly what Gordon Ramsay does. What kitchen cookware does Gordon … Read more

Do Smoke Shops Sell Grinders? Let’s Find Out

Do Smoke Shops Sell Grinders

When it comes to a weed smoker’s essentials, grinders are mostly undervalued. But it is quite important especially for smokers that prefer a flower as their method of smoking and a grinder can also be easily gotten at different local smoke shops and online smoke shops. Most smoke shops sell pretty much everything related to … Read more

Can You Chop Kale in a Food Processor?

Can You Chop Kale in a Food Processor

Most people would agree that a very good way to enjoy kale is when it is chopped and not only that but the texture of the kale when chopped in a food processor is unlike anything else. A food processor can be used to chop kale. Belonging to the cabbage family, kales are edible leaves … Read more

How to Remove Turmeric Color From Mortar and Pestle

How to Remove Turmeric Color From Mortar and Pestle

My grandma owns this big turmeric mortar and pestle, and I have always loved using and cleaning it. One day, she ground turmeric in the mortar and pestle and all hell was let loose. The ash color granite mortar and pestle were stained yellow. Washing it with water and non-smelly dishwashing soup didn’t seem to … Read more

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